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About Me

M.Sc student on the High Performance Computing Lab from Federal University of Espírito Santo (LCAD/UFES) and B.Sc in Computer Science from Faculdade Pitágoras de Guarapari (2013).

This website will store my learning experiences, especially in computer vision. areas which I’ll have the opportunity to research along my Master’s: computer vision, neural networks, natural computing, data mining and others.

I started to learn programming languages with PHP, developing web systems and websites. After that, during my college, I had the opportunity to study other programming languages (C, C++, Java), but I had more contact with C# there. While developing web applications (systems, websites, blogs, etc…) I worked with Javascript, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and WordPress among others. Nowadays, I am mostly working with C, C++ and Python.

In my brief professional experience, I worked with SAP, Qlikview, Sharepoint and industrial systems (PIMS / MES). In addition, I taught over 100 people in my community to use OpenOffice (Calc and Writter).

You can find academic Information at Currículo Lattes and professional at LinkedIn.

Feel free to get in touch by e-mail at me[at]rodrigoberriel[dot]com. I try to reply as soon as I can.
I’m always interested in new researches and new contacts.

Besides blogging and helping users through blog comments and emails, I keep my eye on the tag OpenCV on StackOverflow:

Anytime you need, ask a question. Just remember to follow StackOverflow guidelines.